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Terms and Policy




In order to provide you with the highest standard of instruction all students/families automatically agree to the following terms listed below upon registering for lessons/services.

A. Lessons

LESSON REQUIREMENTS: Students must have a full-size piano or keyboard, or the instrument that they will be working on and must also be willing to purchase music that is suggested by the teacher. No long term contracts or commitments. Take lessons as long as you want in the comfort of your own living room. If a student wishes to take time off, he/she may do so within the limits of the policy or he/she can take the summer off but there can’t be guarantee for their spot for the fall. Teacher availability will determine their spot at that point.

ASSIGNED LESSON TIMES: It is expected that students will keep their assigned lesson time throughout the school year. If it becomes necessary to change your scheduled lesson time, this may be done no more than once during the school year. If there is a schedule conflict the student will need to reserve by paying for his/her time until the regular lesson time is resumed.

MAKE-UP LESSONS: There will be three (3) make up lessons offered for each academic year of 12 month period. If it is necessary for a student to cancel a lesson due to illness OR ANY OTHER REASON, a twenty-four (24) hour notice prior to the lesson MUST be given, in order to receive a make-up lesson. No make-up or refund will be given for cancellations made without 24hr notice. The student or parent should contact the teacher directly at his/her designated phone number(s) to notify the teacher of a cancellation and/or to schedule a make-up. Students are only allowed three (3) make-up lessons per school year. No credit can be given for cancellations made after all their “Student Break” absence, given with 24 hour in advance notice, has been used. Scheduled make up lessons cancelled for any reason CAN NOT be made up. If it is necessary for a TEACHER to cancel, make-up lessons will automatically be given or a credit will be given to the student as provided below. There will be no make up time in case the student arrives late to his/her lesson.

EMERGENCY CANCELLATIONS: In the event a lesson has to be cancelled by a student due to an emergency, and notification can not be made at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance, a make-up lesson is solely within the discretion of the teacher. However, no make-up lessons will be given if a teacher determines, in the teacher’s sole discretion, that the emergency cancellation is being abused.

CREDITS: Credits for missed lessons will only be given when the teacher cancels the lessons and an acceptable makeup cannot be scheduled. These credits will be given on the next month’s tuition fee.

PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT: Parents are encouraged to show a genuine interest in their child’s learning music, to encourage their child (or children) to practice regularly, following the teacher’s guidelines and instructions, and to be patient about their expectations. Parental patience, interest and encouragement often are critical factors whether a student retains his or her interest in music, and often will make the difference between a good student and a great student.

TARDINESS: If the student is late for the lesson, teachers will only wait 10 minutes past the appointed lesson time, and will then have the right to leave. This time will not be made up, and no credit will be given. If the teacher is late, the time will be made up at a time mutually convenient for the teacher and the student.


A one time registration fee will be assessed for new students. This fee is $25.00 per student or a maximum of  $45.00 per family. A valid credit card will be required upon registration to reserve your scheduled lesson time. Written permission in the form of email MUST be sent in order for us to process your card on a monthly basis. Please refer to our privacy policy section as we will NOT use any credit card prior to card holders’ authorization. The credit card holder understands and agrees that the card  on file will be charged automatically ONLY for the first lesson(s) before the scheduled lesson day to insure that payment is made before the teacher’s arrival. Once the instructor confirms that the lessons will continue regularly we will charge your card on a monthly basis.

The tuition amount is collected monthly based on how many weeks there are in each month. You will receive your monthly invoice through email and payment is due by the 1st (first) of the month for the entire month. Once you receive your invoice you will have time to review it until the 20th of each month and contact us for any adjustments that may need to be applied to your balance. If we don’t hear from you by that date your card will be charged the amount shown on your invoice. Any changes needed to be made after that date will be applied to your next billing cycle.

Teachers can NOT receive any payment directly from the families they teach. All payments must be processed directly with Legacy Music Lessons.

Payment has to be received BEFORE your first lesson which will be scheduled tentatively to ensure that payment has been received before your instructor arrives to your home.

LATE PAYMENTS: The student’s music teacher is a college graduate and a professional who depends on the tuition for all or part of his/her livelihood. If the tuition is not paid on time, the teacher does not get paid. Consequently, it is important that your tuition be paid on time each month as stated, and in the event the tuition is not paid when due, unless other arrangements have been made, in advance, Legacy Music Lessons LLC reserves the right to discontinue or terminate lessons until the tuition is paid. If payment has not been received by the 1st (first) of each month the teacher(s) will discontinue lessons until payment is received.

LATE FEE: A $10.00 late fee will be assessed for any payment received after the 1st of the month.

C. Recitals

Recitals are held once a year. They are optional for students and we can not guarantee that we will have them every year. A student’s participation to this event is based upon the instructor’s discretion. Location, date and time of the event will be announced as soon as possible after it is set. Recital fee per student is $10.00.

D. Student Breaks

Total break time students can get during a twelve month period (September-September) with minimum 24 hour advance notice for vacations, other reasons, etc. is 5 (five) weeks/lessons within our academic year. Breaks can be taken at any time the student needs to with advance notice. If a student wishes to take time off, he/she may do so within the limits of the policy or he/she can take the summer off but there can’t be guarantee for their spot for the fall with the same teacher. Teacher availability will determine their spot at that point.

1. Scheduled Breaks: Two (2) scheduled breaks will be assigned by Legacy Music Lessons, most probably during the summer months and winter time. Each teacher will notify the students at least a month in advance of such a scheduled break and there will be no tuition due for the time that the instructor will be on a break. The instructor can offer to make up the missed lessons and make arrangements accordingly.

2. Student Breaks or Absences Not Scheduled By Legacy Music Lessons: Students may also schedule two (2) additional breaks or absences for vacations, etc., each year. Scheduled breaks can only be used after the one (3) make-up times have been used. If these authorized additional absences are scheduled at least 24 hours prior to a scheduled lesson, the student will not be required to pay for that lesson.

Please note that any unused scheduled and/or unscheduled breaks do not carry over to the next academic year starting every September.

COMMENTS: Infrequent periodic breaks are good for the student, and provide them with a change in their routine; too many absences may seriously hamper a student’s progress. Consequently, parents are encouraged to see that their child (or children) does (do) not miss any more lessons other than the scheduled or authorized breaks, except when absolutely necessary.

TERMINATION OF LESSONS: If a student should choose to stop taking lessons at anytime during the year, a two-week paid notice is required.  You can choose to take the two weeks of lessons covered by the notice or pay for the two weeks and stop immediately. If a teacher chooses to terminate lessons, a refund will be given for any pre paid lessons not used.

If a teacher terminates lessons due to the fact that he/she is no longer working for Legacy Music Lessons then automatically a new instructor will be assigned to avoid interruption of lessons. Legacy Music Lessons students can not follow the departing teacher(s) as a result of the contract each hired teacher has with Legacy Music Lessons.

RESUMING LESSONS AFTER SUMMER BREAK: Even though we don’t have semesters or set number of weeks for lessons, since lessons are offered continuously throughout the year, September is the month we start our new cycle of academic year for our breaks and vacation purposes. This month is the beginning of the new school year for everyone therefore both make up and vacation time start on the same month for all students, EXCEPT FOR THE NEW STUDENTS who sign up later in the year.

We are pleased to be of service to you and we look forward to a productive relationship.