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Indiana Local Classical Music Radio Channels

WICR 88.7FM has classical programs throughout the day.
WFIU 103.7FM IU Bloomington campus radio station.

Internet-Satellite Radios

Sirious Satellite Radio Completely commercial free satellite radio with variety of music styles including classical music.
EMusic Wide variety of MP3 selection in classical music and other styles of music.
Moontaxi Great site for classical music and other styles of music.
Windows Media Player has also great selection of radio stations with classical and other music styles.

Classical Composers Database & More

Classical Composers Database 1800 entries on composers biographies. A site with alphabetized list of composers database and classical music information.
MusiClassical This site has list of classical composer, dvd’s cd’s etc.
The Classical Music Archives Great site with classical music information and midi files for listening and downloading in zip format.
The Development of Western Music is a webpage that has useful information on the history of western music. It has brief explanation of each musical era (ex. baroque, classical, romantic, etc.)  and also several listings of biographies of many composers for each era.
The Blues Genre Informative website on the history of blues.
The Harmonica in Theater & Music Informative website on the history of harmonica.

Online Music Dictionaries

Flashrock Music Dictionary.
Grove Music Dictionary Online subscription and search.
Music Dictionary
Music Dictionary 2
Music Magic Online Dictionary 
Music Styles Dictionary Find information on many kinds of music styles classical and popular music.
Free Music Dictionary
Virginia Tech University Multimedia Music Dictionary
English-French Music Dictionary Find translation from English to French and form French to English for musical terms.
Oxford Music Dictionary

Music Activities & Printouts

Enchanted Learning Online Great site for musical notation printouts, music paper printouts with and without clefs, and more.
The Violin Case Great online music flashcards exercise in several different clefs with score keeping.
Treblis Software Excellent music notation reference guide.
Piano Tutorials  Great youtube site showing video clips of various piano pieces’ tutorial.
Coupons by Answers Has excellent free music resources for educators, from music history information to free choir sheet music. Material for choir and  band teachers, music lesson plans, theory and much more.
Songs to Sing In the Car for Kids Great site with many links to favorite kids’ songs.

Classical Music Shopping Catalogs

Perfectly Grand Great catalog for instrument accessories such as piano lamps, benches, music stands, etc.
Friendship House Catalog for music accessories and educational material regarding music instruction.
The Music Stand Great catalog for variety of instruments and ballet material.

Online Shopping for various classical music material

The Baja Man T-Shirt Factory A site with classical composers t-shirts.
247Malls Online music store with variety of materials and gift ideas.
All Great website with posters of all kinds including classical music. Online store with variety of music cd’s and recordings.
Legacy Music Lessons LLC online store that has variety of music material, from affordable digital keyboards, to piano method books, music theory books, flashcards, piano lamps, metronomes, music stands, dictionaries, cd’s and more.

Music Gifts for Children

Silverlake Music Online shop with cd’s for children with music and stories, including &qout Mozart’s Sleeptime &qout cd. Interesting website with clothing and accessories for kids and also cd’s with lullabies from different countries around the world. Website with dvd’s, videos, books, cd’s with children songs.
Little Mozart Piano Company In this website you will find toy pianos for sale. Variety of cd’s, printed music, toys, software, music gifts. Here you will find children’s category with games, including “Musopoly” which is a great instructional material for teachers who want to emphasize music theory through a fun game.
My Story Personalized birthday songs and fun gifts for your children. Includes classical music cd’s for children.

Places to buy musical instruments

Mars Music Percussion instruments, guitars.
Meridian Music Store located in Carmel, Indiana selling variety of instruments most famous for being the only Steinway & Sons piano representative in the state of Indiana. They sell used and new instruments. Music store online selling variety of instruments.
Impromptu Music LLC online store that has variety of music material, from affordable digital keyboards, to piano method books, music theory books, flashcards, piano lamps, metronomes, music stands, dictionaries, cds and more.

Sheet Music

G.Henle Editions Henle edition music, some sheet music available to download, online catalog, prices and ordering, also search for finding stores supplying Henle editions.
Pepper at Paige’s Located in Indianapolis offers a rich variety of instrumental sheet music for all levels.
Sheet Music Online Online store offering sheet music, piano supplies, free downloads, educational resources. U.S. and international delivery available.
Sheet Music Guide A very informative website with categorized list of websites to help you choose sheet music for the style of music you are looking for.
SheetMusicPlus Wide selection of sheet music online.