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What age group is best for starting to take piano lessons?

One can start as early as four years old! It all depends on the focus ability and attention span of the student at that young age. The teacher is the one who can determine these factors and inform the parent as each individual is different.

As an adult is it too late for me to start taking lessons again?

No, it is never too late!! Most adults have had lessons in their earlier age and are rusty after all these years, but they can certainly pick up from where they left off. Adults learn very differently than little kids and they can make up the time lost pretty fast with practicing.

Do I have to buy an acoustic piano or can I use an electric keyboard/piano?

You can buy either one depending how much one wants to invest on an instrument like this. Because of so many varieties anymore in electric keyboards and digital pianos prefer to buy keyboards that have weighted keys and attachment for a pedal for future use. Keep in mind that the electric keyboards are good for beginner students but they will last up to a certain level. When a student starts to advance in his/her playing the use of pedal and sound shaping will demand a higher level electric keyboard such as digital piano. You can always ask your instructor for help as each student’s needs vary depending on the playing level they are in.


Are all students required to play at the recitals?

Recital participation is up to teacher’s approval. Beginners who do not have a substantial recital level piece are not required to participate in their first year. Due to each student’s different musical background each case varies that is why the teacher will be the one who will determine this. After this first year all students are required to perform in recitals unless there is a legitimate reason that would keep them from participating.


How often should I tune my acoustic piano?

Twice a year and when you move. When the season changes from hot to cold and vice versa and you don’t keep switching your furnace from heat to air then it is time to tune it. You should definitely tune a piano after you moved from one house to another but it is best to wait for the first two months for the piano to get used to the humidity and temperature of the new environment. For Indiana weather best months for tuning would be end of November and mid to late June.
How can I find a qualified piano tuner/technician?
You can contact Stephen Scharbrough, local business owner for piano tuning and repairs. to schedule an appointment. For more details visit his website at and a valuable coupon.

How can I clean my piano/keyboard?

Remember never to spray anything directly on the piano keys!!! The best way to dust and clean germs from the keys is to use paper towel and spray Lysol on the paper towel (not on the keys) and then wipe the keys. If surface is too wet afterwards then wipe the keys with dry paper towel.